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Caris Centers of Excellence for Precision Medicine Network

The Caris Centers of Excellence for Precision Medicine Network (“COE Network”) was established to promote the study and appropriate use of molecular testing in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The COE Network consists of leading cancer centers that demonstrate a commitment to precision medicine and work collaboratively toward a common goal: to advance tumor profiling and establish standards of care for molecular testing in oncology.

Official Caris Corporate Video

Overview about Caris Life Sciences and their work around molecular tumor profiling to help oncologists and their cancer patients determine an appropriate cancer therapy plan.

Caris Life Sciences Lab Tour

Come take a visit through our ISO, CLIA, and CAP certified state-of-the-art lab in Phoenix, Arizona.

Comprehensive Oncology Data Explorer

C.O.D.E. is one of the first diagnostic tools to integrate and visualize proprietary genomic, pathology, and outcomes data from a large database with tens of thousands of cancer patients in new and more effective ways.

In fact, C.O.D.E. enabled our bioinformatics and medical teams to mine our data and visually demonstrate that patients treated according to Caris Molecular Intelligence results experienced one year longer survival and received one fewer cancer drugs (avoiding potential toxicities and extra cost of therapy). View the video to learn more about C.O.D.E. and how it is helping physicians personalize cancer care.

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Worldwide Tumor Profiling

• 2,850,269+ Tests Performed

• 240,000+ Clinical Cases

• 81+ Countries

• 13 Day Turnaround Time