How Tumor Profiling Works

How Tumor Profiling Works

No two tumors are alike. Therefore, it is imperative to have the most advanced, personalized treatment assessment available when making decisions. Caris Molecular Intelligence performs comprehensive molecular testing on the DNA, RNA and Proteins to identify the biomarkers driving a patient’s tumor.  This information may be a powerful tool to aid oncologists in personalizing cancer therapies for their patients.

Caris Molecular Intelligence allows physicians to:
  • Navigate among therapies with potential benefit
  • Identify therapies that may not have been considered
  • Determine drugs with potential lack of benefit (avoiding unnecessary toxicities and costs)
  • Match patients to clinical trials


How Tumor Profiling Works

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Uncover molecular insights through comprehensive interrogation of DNA, RNA and Proteins to personalize treatment options.


Worldwide Tumor Profiling

• 110,000+ Clinical Cases

• 50+ Countries

• 8 Day Turnaround Time

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