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Patient Resources for Tumor Profiling

Tumor Profiling for Patients

Today, we are on the cusp of change in the way cancer is treated. Advances in understanding of how cancer behaves at the molecular level are helping oncologists learn to treat cancer “smarter.” More and more, doctors are using research advances to personalize treatment options for individual patients, based on increased understanding of the unique disease markers in each patient’s cancer. Please visit our patient website to learn more, www.MyCancer.com.




MyCancer is an educational resource for cancer patients and their caregivers, sponsored by Caris Life Sciences®. The information presented on MyCancer.com is intended to provide cancer patients with information about molecular profiling services and the role these services can play in providing tumor-specific biomarker information and therapy associations to their oncologists to help inform cancer treatment decisions.

MyCancer can help answer questions related to molecular profiling whether the patient has just been diagnosed, is already in treatment, or looking at new options. If you or someone you know falls into any of these categories, we encourage you to visit this site and learn more about molecular profiling from a patient’s point of view. You can also follow MyCancer on Facebook and Twitter and hear more inspiring stories from cancer survivors who may have benefited from precision medicine in their journey.

Patient Navigators

If you have specific questions about profiling and would like to speak to a Caris Patient Navigator, please contact us Monday-Friday between 7 AM – 6 PM Central Time.