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The Independent and Unbiased Molecular Information Company

Your trusted intermediary in molecular profiling.

As the pioneer in tumor profiling and leading molecular information company, Caris Life Sciences® provides access to high quality, advanced science. We are an information company, and we go where the information takes us. Over the last decade Caris has remained committed to providing access to the most clinically relevant tumor interrogating technologies, while at the same time remaining independent from the influence of biopharmaceutical companies and the staggering number of competing therapies. Caris provides the highest quality, premium molecular offering to ensure that the right drug gets to the right patient at the right time, without drug recommendation bias.

Tumor profiling with Caris Molecular Intelligence® assesses DNA, RNA and proteins to reveal a molecular blueprint in order to guide more precise and personalized treatment decisions. With rapid 8-14 day turnaround, Caris provides comprehensive, unbiased molecular insights to FDA-approved oncology drugs across all biopharmaceutical drug manufacturers.


Understanding Cancer to Personalize Therapy Requires More Than DNA Sequencing

With the promise of precision medicine becoming a reality, molecular profiling has become standard of care for many cancer types – and required for certain therapies (companion dx). More than ever, oncologists need a trusted profiling partner to provide reliable, high quality molecular insights to guide more precise and individualized treatment decisions.

The Caris Molecular Intelligence® comprehensive tumor profiling approach to assess DNA, RNA and Proteins reveals the highest quality molecular blueprint to guide more precise and individualized treatment decisions that are proven to extend overall survival. As the first and most experienced tumor profiling service, we provide results back in about 8-11 days* and to help you find better answers when you need it most.

Learn how tumor profiling works and how to get started today.


*After the specimen and required paperwork have been received by Caris Life Sciences, the ordering physician will receive the report in approximately 8-11 days. International cases range from 10-21 days due to additional shipping/customs requirements.

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Precision Oncology Starts Here

Uncover molecular insights through comprehensive interrogation of DNA, RNA and Proteins to personalize treatment options.


Discover How to Improve Outcomes with Tumor Profiling

The complex and ever-changing dynamics of precision medicine can be challenging, but our specialized teams are here to support you and your patient throughout the tumor profiling process. Have questions or would like more information?


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