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Comprehensive Tumor Profiling

A better foundation for molecular intelligence with comprehensive tumor profiling.
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Comprehensive Tumor Profiling
Personalize treatment options and uncover novel molecular insights through comprehensive interrogation of important DNA, RNA and Proteins.
Enable the delivery of precision medicine. Read
Proven Clinical Utility
Research studies continue to demonstrate the clinically utility and actionability of multi-platform profiling with Caris Molecular Intelligence.
Extend overall survival. Read
Molecular Information Powerhouse
Enhance R&D innovation and maximize commercial value with advanced and comprehensive molecular insights that can be customized to your needs.
Discover our molecularly informed solutions. Read

Our Comprehensive Tumor Profiling approach to tumor profiling assess DNA, RNA and Proteins to reveal a molecular blueprint to guide more precise and individualized treatment decisions. With results back in about 8 days, we’ll help you find better answers when you need it most.

Biopharma Services

As a leading life sciences company at the forefront of precision medicine, Caris Life Sciences® is helping our partners drive R&D innovation and maximize commercial value with extensive molecular and clinical information with diverse testing capabilities.

Tumor Profiling:
Multi-platform, solid tumor biomarker analysis for therapeutic decision support and clinical trials matching. The technology platforms used and biomarkers tested may vary based on the tumor type submitted.
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Next-Generation Sequencing analysis for DNA mutations, copy number alterations, insertions/deletions, genomic signatures (microsatellite instability, tumor mutational burden), and RNA fusion analysis for select lineages.
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“Caris Life Sciences was founded because of an idea - that personalized and precise information will improve healthcare for everyone.”

David D. Halbert
Chairman and CEO

"Over the last decade it has become clear that cancer is an insidious enemy exploiting a multitude of different pathways to escape our treatments. Each patient requires a more intelligent and comprehensively designed treatment strategy to enable them to fight their disease most effectively."

David Spetzler, MS, MBA, PhD
President and Chief Scientific Officer

"The essence of any clinical decision should be to use the best possible information for the most rational choice to benefit the patient."

George Poste, DVM, PhD, FRC Path, FHS
Vice Chairman, Caris Life Sciences
Clinical Cases

Established in 2008, Caris is the first and most experienced tumor profiling provider.

Tests Completed

Leveraging multiple technologies to interrogate DNA, RNA and Proteins.

Calendar Days

The current time it takes for us to deliver molecular insights to personalize medicine (most frequent turnaround time). Turnaround time for Caris profiling is 8-14 days.

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Reliable molecular information that serves as a molecular blueprint to personalize cancer therapy and improve care.
MI Profile Report

Caris Molecular Intelligence (MI Profile) reports are built to maximize clinical utility in an easy-to-interpret format. We understand that clinicians need treatment information fast. That’s why the top page of every report presents all potentially relevant, actionable clinical information in an easy-to-digest summary.

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Caris Molecular Intelligence enables the delivery of precision medicine by providing oncologists with clinically actionable and individualized cancer treatment information to help personalize cancer care. Our Comprehensive Tumor Profiling approach to assess DNA, RNA and Proteins reveals a molecular blueprint to guide more precise and individualized treatment decisions.

Caris Molecular Intelligence provides therapeutic insights designed to aid oncologists in personalizing cancer therapies for their patients. Caris Molecular Intelligence allows physicians to:
• Navigate among therapies with potential benefit;
• Identify therapies that may not have been considered;
• Determine drugs with potential lack of benefit (avoiding unnecessary toxicities and costs); and
• Match patients to clinical trials.

Based on the clinical literature, biomarker and therapeutic associations are best analyzed by specific technologies looking for explicit genomic and proteomic aberrations. As such, Caris examines DNA, RNA and proteins to decode a patient’s tumor and provide a more comprehensive tumor assessment. One technology may not be sufficient or clinically appropriate to provide an integrated picture of a tumor’s biology. Learn more about our profiling technologies.

The ordering physician will receive the results of the patient’s tumor analysis in a clinically actionable report. There are 3 ways to access patient reports:
• MI Portal: On-demand access to interactive reports, plus electronic ordering and many other extra features;
• Email: Fully interactive reports delivered in real-time, right to your inbox (MI Portal account required to enroll in email report deliver);
• Fax: Reports delivered in real-time — due to the limited nature of faxing, however, interactive report features and color options are unavailable.
View a sample report.

After the specimen and required paperwork have been received by Caris Life Sciences, the ordering physician will receive the report in approximately 8-14 days. International cases range from 10-21 days due to additional shipping/customs requirements.

Yes, every report includes the Clinical Trials Connector™ at no additional cost. The Clinical Trials Connector a clinical trials matching service that identifies open and enrolling clinical trials tailored to the lineage and/or biomarker profile of the patient’s tumor.

Caris Molecular Intelligence is performed in our state-of-the-art, 66,000 sq-ft laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona. Our laboratory holds the industry’s strictest quality and compliance accreditations, including ISO 15189, CAP, CLIA, NY State and CE Mark.

Yes, Caris Molecular Intelligence is typically reimbursed by Medicare and other insurance providers. Caris Life Sciences will bill the patient’s insurance company, and the patient is typically responsible for co-payments, co-insurance and/or the deductible, as required by law.

Depending on the profile ordered, the number of markers analyzed and technologies used, the cost will differ among the various tumor profiling options. Learn more.