Components of a Report

With convenient online access, reports from Caris Life Sciences® provide the clinically relevant information oncologists need to individualize cancer treatment.

Caris Molecular Intelligence® Summary

Each MI Profile and MI Profile X report provides a summary listing of therapies with potential clinical benefit, therapies with potential lack of clinical benefit, and a summary of relevant, open clinical trials, as well as patient-specific information such as biomarker expression levels and pathologic diagnosis.

Biomarker Summary

Easy to navigate list of relevant biomarker results for each of the multiple technologies performed. This summary includes:

  • Biomarkers listed in alphabetical order
  • Technology platforms
  • Gene alterations and assay results

Detailed Summary

A breakdown of biomarker results used to provide a list of therapies with potential clinical benefit, a list of therapies with potential lack of clinical benefit and a list of therapies with indeterminate benefit. This information includes:

  • Agents associated with specific biomarkers
  • Method/technology used for biomarker analysis
  • Biomarker result
  • Clinical association (with benefit or with lack of benefit)
  • Level of evidence associated with agent/ biomarker combinations

Clinical Trials Connector

Identifies open, relevant clinical trials based on the patient’s tumor type and biomarkers expressed. Each clinical trials summary is broken into two therapy groups (Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapy) with drug class, biomarker, testing method, and investigational agent information. Additional information related to the trials can be found through MI Portal, including: protocol number, study title, phase, featured drug and biomarker, and locations accepting subjects.

References Pages

Full citations for the therapy to drug associations. More than 120,000 references have been evaluation and only the strongest citations are included.

Detailed Report of all Analyses Performed

A breakdown of specific results for all biomarkers as analyzed by IHC, FISH and CISH and Next-Generation Sequencing.

A description of each of the relevant biomarker, as well as a summary of these biomarkers’ roles in cancer biology and treatment.

Sample Report